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22nd November 2019

Willow Class head off to space!

Today we have welcomed ANOTHER visitor to Willow class. Curtis from Wonderdome brought his Planetarium and we got to go inside to see the various projections. We blasted off from earth and travelled around the solar system visiting Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune along the way. We got to experience what it is like to travel through Saturn’s rings as well as landing on the moon. Curtis told us that the footprints made by the first astronauts on the moon will still be there as there is no wind or rain. Amazing!

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19th November 2019

Hens and guinea pigs…

Willow class are proving very popular at the moment as we received more visitors this morning. Mrs Lovegrove brought in two chickens and two guinea pigs in for us to feed, hold and ask questions about. We found out about how many claws a chicken has (four not three) and what noises guinea pigs make. The chickens enjoyed exploring the classroom and may have left us a ‘present’ on the carpet as well as shedding some feathers which we have collected to keep. I wonder who will visit us in Willow class next…

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14th November 2019

Animal visitors!

Today Mr Mould brought some exciting pets in to see us as part of our animal science topic. We met Blossom (the tortoise) and Tango and Mars (the corn snakes). We had the chance to ask lots of questions and find out interesting facts including how fast a tortoise can move, how long a snake can become and why a snake has a long tongue. We also got the chance to stroke all three pets and came up with lots of words to describe how it felt. Mr Mould also brought us a special gift to keep; Mars’ shedded skin all in one piece!! Thank you Mr Mould and family for a fascinating afternoon.

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11th November 2019

Leicestershire Fire Service visit Willow class.

Today we welcomed a visit from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service who told us a little bit about what they do and who they can help. The fire officer told us about what to do if we find matches (tell a grown up and ask them to keep them up high in a safe place) and what to do if our clothes catch fire. This is called ‘Drop and Roll’ and we all got the chance to practise.

We then got to hear what a smoke alarm sounds like (very loud) and that if we discover a fire we shout ‘Help, help, fire, fire’ as loud as we can to wake everyone up or let people know there is a fire.

The officer gave us some ‘homework’ which is to learn our home address, or addresses, in case we ever need to ring 999 and we also learnt about car safety. The fire officer also left us with a leaflet which has information about their Sparkton website; it has interactive games on and other information to help us learn about fire safety. The web address if you want to have a look at home is https://leics-fire.gov.uk/game/

Thank you to the fire service for our visit!

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30th October 2019

Diwali celebrations

Today Willow class have been having a ‘Diwali Day’. This morning we made our own divas and our own henna tattoo patterns. Some children collected leaves from outside and made a Rangoli pattern. This afternoon we watched the story of Rama and Sita as well as becoming fireworks in our Diwali themed PE session. What a great day.

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11th October 2019

Willow class have had a very busy half term…..

Listen and learn a story from the Bible. Retelling/speaking and listening. Sequencing stories. Adding captions. Using pastel oils in our art work. Performing a story in our dance and movement PE sessions

Learning about our bodies and naming body parts

exploring their identity and valuing differences

practising our cursive hand writing

counting in twos

learning how to write numerals and number words

problem solving with numbers

learning our phonics to help us read and write

Recognising animal tracks. Stencilling silhouettes in art.

beginning to write sentences

Learning about our senses. Carry out scientific investigations.

use our rainbow skills in learning and play

Activities and games help us to develop our maths skills

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12th July 2019

Goodbye Mrs Smith

This afternoon the lovely Willow parents joined us to say ‘goodbye’ and ‘happy early retirement’ to our beloved Mrs Smith. What lovely gifts, cards and kind words. Thank you to everyone who popped in and sent well wishes.


Have a great EARLY retirement Mrs Smith and happy holidays to Willow class.

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12th July 2019

Woodland artist palettes

Today Willow class have been busy creating nature palettes and woodland inspired pictures. We hope you agree that they look smashing and creative.

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12th July 2019

KS 1 Kwik Cricket afternoon

A lovely afternoon in the sunshine was had by all. We really enjoyed our Kwik Cricket.

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17th May 2019

Ocean life using the apparatus

IMG_0794 IMG_0778 IMG_0799 IMG_0805

Inspired by life in the ocean Willow created their own stories.

Using their imagination they became jellyfish, sharks and a variety of other sea creatures. Excellent balancing, pointing of toes and fingertips combined with timing of their movements to share their ideas. Reflecting and supporting each other to improve and extend their adventures was just part of their journey.

The images above are taken by the children.

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